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Robo advice is also called automated online investing or online investment advice. It gives anyone access to professional investment advice without the cost or need to see a financial advisor in person.

Stockspot is Australia's first and largest online investment advisor (robo-advisor). We build you a smart, personalised portfolio based on your unique situation and goals. Our technology means you can build your portfolio online, and we reduce your costs by automatically rebalancing and optimising your portfolio every day.

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What are the benefits of Robo-advice?

Low Fees

We invest in low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to build a diversified investment portfolio for you. We're also able to reduce costs by automating many of the tasks a human would have done manually in the past.

Smoother Returns

We help you grow your wealth without taking unnecessary risk. Instead of picking individual stocks, we spread your money across thousands of companies around the world via ETFs.

Tailored to You

We match investments to your personal situation and goals. Stockspot works out the best place to invest your money based on your time frame, appetite for risk and cash flow needs.

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Robo-advice in Australia

Stockspot was the first online investment advisor in Australia in 2014. We're now the largest, fastest-growing robo-adviser in the country and have thousands of clients investing with us.

Globally, robo-investing is the fastest growing area of wealth management and is predicted to grow to over $1.26 trillion US by 2023.

Using robo advisors doesn't mean you'll have no personal assistance. The best thing about Stockspot is that technology optimises your investments and people are always there to help you when you need advice or reassurance.

We've prepared some comprehensive robo advice FAQs to help you make your decision.

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Frequently asked questions

Who are the best robo advisors in Australia?

When it comes to the best robo advisors in Australia, Stockspot is the top choice. As the country's first and largest online investment advisor, Stockspot has a proven track record and offer easy access to human advisors. If you're considering a robo advisor, there are five important factors you should take into account.

What is a robo advisor? How does it work?

A robo advisor uses technology to help people grow their wealth by minimising the fees, jargon, and conflicts of interest that exist with some traditional investment advisors. A good investment strategy requires selecting the best low-cost funds and periodic rebalancing of your investments. Stockspot uses algorithms to keep your portfolio balanced and aligned with your goals, but there are always people to help when you need it.

What is the minimum investment for a robo advisor?

Stockspot's minimum investment is $2,000.

Are robo advisors safe?

Robo advisors, like Stockspot, are safe investment options. When you invest with Stockspot, your shares are owned by you, and safely registered with the ASX under CHESS sponsorship. Learn more here.

How much does a robo advisor cost?

Most robo advisors cost a lot less than a typical financial advisor. See Stockspot’s low monthly fees and transparent pricing here.

Do robo advisors give good returns?

Robo advisors can give varying returns, but Stockspot has a consistent track record and has outperformed 97% of traditional funds over 5 years. See how our portfolios have performed over the past few years.

Past performance of financial products is no guarantee of future performance.

Benefits of using Stockspot

Investment expertise

We continually research and review the best investments for your portfolio

Keeps risk under control

We precisely rebalance your portfolio as the market changes

View your portfolio anytime

You can keep track of your portfolio and investing goals online and on our app

Enjoy fewer ups and downs

Diversification into bonds makes our portfolios less risky than just owning Australian shares

Makes your money work harder

We automatically reinvest your dividends, earning you more

Local team available to help

We help thousands of people every day, from those just starting out to experienced investors

Trusted by thousands of Australians

We're trusted by thousands of clients to manage hundreds of millions of dollars. That's because we always act in our clients' best interests.

As featured in

5th fintech awards 2020

Winner, Best FinTech Wealth Management Platform, 2020

Winner, Excellence in Wealth Management, 2021

Finalist, Best Investment Innovation, 2020

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How does Stockspot work?

We match you to a portfolio of investments based on your investing goals, preferences and timeframe for investing. Our five strategies range from conservative to high growth.

How It Works

Our investment philosophy

Stockspot has a set of principles that guide how we advise clients and invest their savings. This is our DNA and what sets us apart from other products and investment managers.

Stockspot Philosophy

Meet the Stockspot team

We believe in fairness and are firmly on the side of what’s right and in the best interest of investors.

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