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Forget paying thousands of dollars in service fees and trailing commissions, online financial adviser Stockspot wants to disrupt the cosy world of wealth management.
Sydney Morning Herald

Unlike many advisers that are incentivised to sell their company's investment products, Stockspot does not earn money from fund managers or product providers, believing it is a strong conflict of interest.
Forbes Magazine

Unlike most bank offerings, Stockspot's crisp user interface makes planning intuitive.
Australian Financial Review

Stockspot's minimum investment is $2,000. This is much lower when compared to the tens of thousands of dollars most institutional fund managers want you to invest before they help you.
Forbes Magazine

It's a digital business model that will make the heads of wealth at the big banks shudder.
Australian Financial Review

The two key ways Stockspot differs from a traditional financial adviser or fund manager is with low fees and unbiased advice.
Forbes Magazine


It's easy to get started


Help us get to know you

Tell us a bit about yourself and we'll work out which investment strategy is most suitable for you.


Select your investments

We help select the right mix of assets, then take care of investing your funds and rebalancing your portfolio.


We look after the rest

We continuously monitor your portfolio and keep your strategy updated to reflect any changes in your life.

A diversified portfolio that's right for you

We build a portfolio of investments across different assets around the world designed to match your goals.


Invest in over
1,400 companies


Operating in
175 countries


Listed on
38 markets


12 industries

We're changing the way Australia invests


Working for you

No kickbacks or commissions. We only recommend investments designed to grow your wealth.
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Low fees

We believe in keeping fees lower than traditional investment options, allowing your portfolio to grow faster.
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Stockspot is a paperless service which means it's easy to get started and you can track your investments online.
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Stockspot portfolios invest in over 1,400 shares and bonds from around the world to help optimise performance.
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A smoother path

Compared to buying individual shares, index investing helps spread the risk so you can achieve smoother returns.
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Expert guidance

We watch over your portfolio and rebalance when needed so you don't have to worry about following markets.
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