Easy investing with Stockspot: How it works

Are you ready to make your money work harder? It only takes minutes to get your personalised portfolio recommendation and set up your account. We'll guide you through each simple step.

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Investing is easy with us

Stockspot explained

Your portfolio is personalised for you and updated as your circumstances change.

You can see the investments in your portfolio online anywhere, anytime.

There are no exit fees or withdrawal fees. It's your money, you can always access it – no strings attached.

There's no paperwork, nothing to post, and no jargon. We keep things simple because that's how investing should be.

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Get your portfolio in four easy steps

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There's a Stockspot account to suit you

A personalised dashboard to view your portfolio

Add to your investments to grow your wealth faster.

Monitor your portfolio to see the performance of your investments.

Keep track of your investment goals.

View your personal dashboard on any device.

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A personalised mobile dashboard to view your portfolio

How Stockspot saves you time and money

Good advice can add around 3% per year in better performance. This extra return comes from:

Selecting the best low-cost products based on our extensive and regular research.

Maintaining a suitable investment mix for your situation and investing goals.

Helping you avoid costly investment mistakes with behavioural coaching.

The choice of automatic rebalancing so your portfolio remains healthy.

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How Stockspot saves you time and money

Gold-standard privacy and security

Our bank-level web security keeps your information safe and secure (for the geeks out there, that's our 256-bit SSL/TLS certificate).

Your investments are held safely in your own name under your own individual Holder Identification Number (HIN).

We never share your personal information with third parties.

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Your privacy and security are our priority Web security

Frequently asked questions

How much do I need to invest?

Our minimum to start investing is just $2,000.

What does opening a new account involve?

We ask a few questions so we can build an investment portfolio that suits your needs. Once your money arrives, we'll invest it automatically.

Can I move my money out if I want to?

Yes, you can withdraw your money at any time with no penalty fees.

Is there an app available?

Yes, the Stockspot app is available on iOS and Android. You'll be able to access it once you've created an account. You can use the app to track your portfolio's performance, view your asset allocation, reduce your fees by inviting friends and family, and much more.

How much does it cost?

Refer to Pricing to view the Stockspot fee tiers.

Fees are charged monthly based on the average balance in your account over the month. Fees cover the ongoing management and rebalancing your portfolio, annual reviews to ensure that it continues to be the most suitable for your situation, administration and tax reporting.

We don't charge extra for brokerage and there are no other hidden costs. ETF fees are an indirect cost of approximately 0.25% p.a and come out of the ETF price.

How do you define "long term" investing?

We think you should be looking to invest for at least a few years. Any shorter and you're actually speculating, not investing. The longer you stay invested the better your chance of success.

What identification do I need to start investing?

You just need an email address and to set a password to get started.

If you decide to go ahead and invest with us, we require some standard ID details such as a passport or a driver licence to make sure we meet our 'Know Your Client' legal obligations.

How do you know which portfolio is right for me?

We custom-built our questionnaire so that we can find out all the details we need to know about your situation.

From there our smart algorithms are able to recommend a portfolio that's best suited to your preferences and goals.

What kind of returns will I get?

Stockspot portfolios have outperformed most similar funds over the years. You can find out about the Stockspot Portfolio returns here.

Can I personalise my portfolio?

For account balances above $50,000, we offer Stockspot Themes, which allow you to add extra assets, countries or market sectors to your portfolio when you join.

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