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The Stockspot website provides general information as well as advice about investing, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and MDA Services. Where we provide general advice, that information or advice does not take into account your personal and financial circumstances, needs and objectives. Accordingly, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice with regards to your personal and financial circumstances before acting on that advice.

You can also apply for personal investment advice from Stockspot via the website. Stockspot will assess your personal circumstances and suitability for the Stockspot Model Portfolios which are offered as part of a MDA Service. If you are considered a suitable candidate you will be provided with a personalised MDA Contract which includes a Statement of Advice including an Investment Program and complies with Division 3 of Part 7.7 of the Corporations Act. The MDA Contract will be issued in digital format for you to review and sign if you would like to proceed with the advice and access our services. We will also provide you with other relevant documents including PDS documents for any financial products we recommend and Service Agreements for any service providers.

If you are considering selling an asset to invest, we suggest you seek advice from a tax agent as the tax consequences of selling assets or switching investments are not being considered in any recommendations or advice. Stockspot provides investment advice only and does not consider the potential benefits or disadvantages of making additional contributions towards your mortgage or superannuation rather than investing.

If you are a Trustee of a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you are required to prepare and implement an investment strategy for your fund and review it on an ongoing basis. Before implementing any recommendations made by Stockspot, you will need to check that they are consistent with your SMSF investment strategy.

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Investment in financial products involves risk.

Past performance of financial products is no guarantee of future performance. 

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