Introducing Australia’s first ETF-only super platform

Discover the power of low-cost indexing with Stockspot Super – Australia’s first ETF-exclusive super platform. It’s the end of pooled super funds and the beginning of transparent investing tailored to your needs.

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Why choose an ETF only super?

Enjoy the transparency and tax efficiency of owning a personalised portfolio of ETFs within your super without the complexity of creating an SMSF.

1Tax efficient account structure

Make the most of your retirement savings by paying taxes only on realised capital gains, so every dollar you save does more for your future.

tax efficiency

Pay taxes only on realised capital gains, keeping more of your money working towards your retirement.

Unlike pooled super funds, Stockspot Super will offer discrete accounts so you won’t pay for the future tax liabilities of other fund members.

2Transparent investments

Know exactly what you own at all times.

complete transparency mobile

You’ll enjoy complete transparency, so you can easily see where your money is invested, how individual ETFs are performing, and the fees charged on your individual account.

publically listed

Stockspot Super will invest exclusively in publicly listed ETFs, ensuring your investments are valued every market day.

No unlisted assets that are prone to delayed valuations and unfair prices for members.

3Fair and low fees

fair low fees

You’ll benefit from a simple and fair fee structure including an administration cost of 0.53% p.a.1, plus applicable ETF fees. Transaction costs of 0.1% apply only when we buy or sell ETFs on your behalf.

No performance fees which can be a drag on your net returns.

4Personalised investment advice

personalised advice

You’ll enjoy a personalised portfolio tailored to your life stage, with automatic adjustments as retirement approaches—all as part of our standard service at no extra cost.



You’ll enjoy a consistent, evidence-based investment approach, with portfolios designed to balance market and shortfall risks as you approach and enter retirement.

1 This amount is based on the previous financial year. The actual amount will change from year to year and may be more or less than the amount shown.

More reasons to join Stockspot Super

Australia’s largest online investment adviser*

More than 13,500 Australians trust Stockspot to grow and protect over $770M of their wealth outside of Super.+

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The only super platform with a 10%+ allocation to gold across all options

Gold has cushioned Stockspot clients from major market falls and outperformed traditional defensive assets like government bonds over 10 years.#

phone gold assets

10 years of investment track record

Our investment portfolios outside of super outperformed at least 99% of similar funds over the last 5 years.^

better track record

An award-winning platform

Our 24/7 client dashboard, app, and educational blog make it easy for you to stay up to date.

better track record
better track record
5th fintech awards 2020

Winner, Best FinTech Wealth Management Platform, 2020

Winner, Excellence in Wealth Management, 2021

Finalist, Best Investment Innovation, 2020

Friendly expert advice

Stockspot advisers are available to help you along your investing journey. They're only an email, phone call, or live chat away.

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* Automated investing service providing personal advice. Based on publicly available information. + As at April 2024 # Past performance is no indication of future performance. ^Stockspot, comparison group of 373 surviving investment funds and their after-fee returns over the 5 years from 1 April 2019 up to 30 March 2024. Comparison is based on the after-fee returns of a Silver tier investment in either Stockspot Amethyst, Turquoise or Topaz portfolios (our most popular portfolio in each risk category) on the basis that they have similar exposure to growth assets to the moderate, balanced and growth multi-sector investment funds that have been compared. Past performance is no indication of future performance.

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5th fintech awards 2020

Winner, Best FinTech Wealth Management Platform, 2020

Winner, Excellence in Wealth Management, 2021

Finalist, Best Investment Innovation, 2020

Frequently asked questions

Is there a PDS for Stockspot Super?

We are still working on Stockspot Super. When we launch, a Product Disclosure Statement will be made available on this website and you should read the Product Disclosure Statement before making any decision to open an account.

When will Stockspot Super be available?

We are looking to launch Stockspot Super in the next few months. Join the waitlist to get early access.

How do I join the waitlist?

To join the waitlist, simply submit your email details on this page.

Can I roll over my existing super into Stockspot Super? If so, how?

Details on how to roll over your existing super will be provided at launch.

Will you have the same portfolios available in Stockspot Super?

Yes, the same portfolios will be available.

Will Stockspot super cover both accumulation and pension phases?

Stockspot plans to launch with the accumulation phase first, followed by the pension phase.