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SMSF investors can take the hassle out of growing and protecting their retirement savings. Stockspot helps you invest in a portfolio of low-cost ETFs (exchange traded funds) by combining the efforts of experienced investment advisers and an automated investment platform, supporting you in the accumulation and retirement phases of your investment journey.

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Stockspot explained

SMSF clients can choose the best investment strategy for them. We build you a smart, personalised portfolio based on your SMSF goals. We use proven Nobel Prize winning investment strategies to grow your wealth.

Our expert team invests your money into ETFs (exchange traded funds) that give you access to a range of diversified investments. Your Stockspot SMSF investments include global shares, Australian shares, gold, and high-grade government bonds. We regularly review the market and your assets to make sure your portfolio is balanced.

Licensed Australian financial adviser We're trusted by thousands of clients to manage hundreds of millions of dollars. That's because we always act in our clients' best interests.

Established track record of returns Our portfolios have delivered more consistent returns than Australian shares.

Lower risk portfolio Our portfolios include bonds and gold which help to reduce risk in your portfolio.

Expert guidance when you need it Our experienced investment advisors are always available to answer any questions about your portfolio.

Take control of your investments

Increase or decrease your investment risk depending on your profile

We manage all portfolio rebalancing so you’re never overly exposed to market fluctuations.

Designed for both capital growth and income

Choose if you want distributions re-invested or withdrawn to fund your income stream in retirement.

Personalise your portfolio

You can choose investment themes like dividend shares or US shares.

Supporting SMSFs in accumulation and pension phase

Easily make contributions during the accumulation phase and draw down a SMSF pension in the pension phase.

How it works

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Gold-standard privacy and security

Our bank-level web security keeps your information safe and secure (for the geeks out there, that's our 256-bit SSL/TLS certificate).

Your investments are held safely in your own name under your own individual Holder Identification Number (HIN).

We never share your personal information with third parties.

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5th fintech awards 2020

Winner, Best FinTech Wealth Management Platform, 2020

Winner, Excellence in Wealth Management, 2021

Finalist, Best Investment Innovation, 2020

Frequently asked questions

How do you know which investment strategy is right for me?

We custom-built our questionnaire so that we can find out all the details we need to know to recommend a portfolio that's best suited to your SMSF preferences and goals.

How much does it cost?

Refer to Pricing to view the Stockspot fee tiers.

Fees are charged monthly based on the average balance in your account over the month. Fees cover the ongoing management and rebalancing your portfolio, annual reviews to ensure that it continues to be the most suitable for your situation, administration and tax reporting.

We don’t charge extra for brokerage and there are no other hidden costs. ETF fees are an indirect cost of approximately 0.25% p.a and come out of the ETF price.

Can I start a SMSF pension from my Stockspot SMSF account?

Yes. Once you are in the pension phase you can lodge your SMSF pensions inside your dashboard in the ‘Transfer Money > Withdraw’ section of your dashboard.

The timing and frequency of withdrawals can be tailored to your cost of living needs in retirement.

Contact our team to discuss your specific needs.

Can I talk to an expert for advice?

Yes, you can speak with one of our expert investment advisers whenever you need. We can also help review your existing portfolio or work with your accountant on a transition plan. Schedule a call with our advisers.

What kind of reporting will I get at tax time?

You'll get a simple one page statement that merges all of your individual ETF tax statements into a single, easy to read document. This will allow you to complete your tax return via myTax or you can give it to your accountant. You’ll also get a range of other tax documents to help with reporting.

Can Stockspot help me set up a SMSF?

Stockspot can't help with setting up a new SMSF. If this is something you’re considering we suggest first reading the information ASIC has provided on SMSFs and speaking with a licensed adviser who can recommend whether an SMSF is right for you.

Are Stockspot SMSF accounts suitable for both the accumulation and pension phases?

Yes. Your Stockspot SMSF portfolio supports you during both the accumulation and pension phase.

Our trusted low cost index investment approach is designed to help you grow your super in accumulation and then easily commence a SMSF pension once you are ready and ensure your funds continue to be invested in a strategy suitable for your retirement years.

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