How to invest

Investing with Stockspot is easy.

You get personal investment advice and a professionally managed portfolio of global investments without the high fees of traditional financial advisers and fund managers.

Invest without the hassle of trying to do it yourself. There’s no paperwork and no need to be an expert.

Investment advice that’s tailored to you

We help you work out the right investment strategy and build a personalised portfolio based on your situation and goals. There are 3 basic steps to get started.

Tell us a bit about yourself
By answering a few questions about your financial situation and goals.
Confirm your investment strategy
Our online engine recommends an investment strategy based on your profile. We help set-up your accounts to deposit funds for investing.
We look after the rest
We invest for you, monitor and optimise your portfolio when markets move or your situation changes. You can have peace of mind your investments are being looked after.

We look after everything for you

Easy to invest
No need to watch the markets which will save you time and hassles. We make it easy for you to invest and you can top-up regularly without being charged brokerage or transaction costs.
Keep up with your situation and goals
We continually monitor your portfolio and update your investment strategy when your personal situation changes. This helps to ensure that your strategy remains suitable for where you are in life, your goals, timeframe and personal risk profile.
Avoid common investment mistakes
We help you avoid common costly mistakes like trying to time the market, buying into expensive funds, not diversifying your portfolio enough or panicking during market dips.

Stockspot is designed to grow your savings

Investment experts with a strong track record
We have built a strong performance track record by having the right mix of assets including bonds and global shares. Our experts are constantly researching the investment universe for opportunities to help improve your returns and reduce risk.
Assets in your name
We don’t mix-up your money with other investors. Each Stockspot client owns their portfolio individually. It’s a safer way of investing and you can access the full tax benefits from your investments.
Smarter portfolios with greater control
Our model portfolios are designed to weather all market conditions by combining different assets in the best possible combinations. You can also add investment themes you care about for more control of your investments without the hassle of managing them yourself.
Low transparent fees
Our low fees are better value and all inclusive. No hidden extras in the small print. We won’t surprise you with fees that eat into your returns.


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