How to invest

Investing with Stockspot is easy.

We make it simple for you to invest in local and global markets with your own professionally managed investment portfolio.

Investment advice that’s tailored to you

We help you work out the right investments for your situation and build a personalised investment portfolio. Whether your aim is to grow your wealth, save for a home, a family or retirement we want to help you get there with the right portfolio and guidance.

Start investing in 3 easy steps:

Tell us a bit about yourself
Answer a few questions about your financial situation and goals.
Get a tailored plan that matches your goals
We give you a tailored made recommendation on how you should invest. Complete your application and set-up your account to start investing.
Invest and watch your portfolio grow
We take care of your portfolio so you can have peace of mind your investments are being looked after.

Designed to grow your savings


Invest in a global portfolio with high quality returns

Markets can go up and down over the short term. Our portfolios are designed for all market conditions. It means a less bumpy ride for your savings.


Add investments you care about

Choose investment themes you care about for more control of where your money is invested without the hassle of managing them yourself. We automatically rebalance your portfolio to keep it in line with your goals.


Low transparent fees

Our simple low fee means you can invest how you like. Invest a lump sum or make regular deposits. Withdraw whenever you like. We won’t surprise you with fees that eat into your returns.


 What is the minimum amount that I can invest via Stockspot?

Our minimum investment amount is $2,000 and our service is free for the first 6 months if you invest $10,000 or less. Portfolios over $50,000 benefit from a reduction in fees, as well as the ability to personalise your portfolio with a range of investment themes.

 Why do you need details about my income and assets?

Stockspot gives each client personalised advice and we aim to offer you the most appropriate investment strategy for your circumstances. In order to do this we need to know a bit about your financial situation. We also need to ensure that a Stockspot investment is in your best interest as investing isn’t suitable for everyone.

 Is my money safe?

We don’t mix-up your money with other investors. Everything is held safely in your name when you invest with us. Unlike managed funds you can control how often your portfolio is rebalanced and access the full tax benefits from your investments.


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