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Business Insider Australia

Our Founder and CEO, Chris Brycki, shares his most valuable lessons from two decades of investing.

CHRIS BRYCKI: 10 things I've learnt since starting out as a 19-year-old hedge fund manager »

ABC News

Owning property may be out of reach for many young Australians, but now there's new evidence that millennials are taking matters into their own hands, choosing share ownership over home ownership

Why millennials are choosing shares over home ownership »


The Age

How to entertain yourself smarter and what to watch, listen to and read to get you started on being a better investor.

Six ways to become a better investor through entertainment »

Business Insider Australia

The big four banks and AMP charging customers for advice they didn’t receive isn’t just a case of a few bad apples.

Fintech founder Chris Brycki says banks charging 200,000 people for advice they weren't given is just the start »

Sydney Morning Herald

Michael Pascoe explains why despite all those hours questioning the big four banks, the politicans still missed plenty.

The great funds management failure »

Business Insider Australia

Business Insider’s Tech 100 is a comprehensive list of Australia’s leading technology figures. This year's list of top 100 startup CEOs, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and venture capitalists includes Stockspot CEO Chris Brycki.

The coolest 100 people in Australian tech »

The Huffington Post

Why the banking review is a 'get out of gaol free' card for the banks and a Royal Commission is needed.

Questions The Big Four Banks Don't Want To Answer »

9 News

Stockspot CEO Chris Brycki on The Today Show discussing the findings of the 2016 Fat Cat Funds Report.

Fat cat funds - The Today Show »

The New Daily

The big four banks have been accused in a new report of ripping off retirees with exorbitant superannuation fees, with funds offered by the big banks named among the six worst performers.

Bank fees have ‘devastating impact’ on retirement: report »

Sydney Morning Herald

The annual study by online investment platform Stockspot suggests super funds and managed funds owned by the big four banks and AMP have seriously underperformed their peers over one, three and five years.

Big banks and AMP dominate 'fat cat' super funds »

The Age

Interest rates are at record lows and economic growth may be constrained, but there are still some investments that pay above the odds without taking silly risks.

Seven investment ideas for high returns in a low-growth world »


Robo-adviser Stockspot has announced it will launch a Partners Programme, which will allow financial professionals to use its services for their clients.

Stockspot launches adviser partnership opportunities »

Money Magazine

Robo or real-life financial advice – which adviser is better for your money? We take the debate to two experts to weigh up the pros and cons of each.

Robo advice vs. real life advice »

Business Insider Australia

Australian big banks are hypocrites to demand Apple give them access to cardless payments when the banks won’t do the same for fintechs in Australia, says Chris Brycki, founder and CEO of Stockspot.

The founder of Stockspot says it's ironic Australian banks are complaining about Apple Pay »

Your superannuation fund manager probably already uses computers to chart share price movements or compute formulas to produce “buy” or “sell” signals on their current investment portfolio. So it was only a matter of time that computer investing would be extended to individual investors and not just big fund managers.

Finance goes sci-fi: Kochie’s guide to robo investing »

The Australian

Local automated investment adviser and fund manager Stockspot has announced a move into artificial intelligence and machine learning, launching what it says is Australia’s first digital financial assistant.

Stockspot launches AI for financial advice »

Sydney Morning Herald

Kate Donnelly has tens of thousands of dollars saved. The problem is the money is held in an online saver and a bank account earning next to nothing. It's a dilemma faced by many - how to earn higher returns without taking risks.

You've saved your money, now what? Understanding 'asset allocation' »


The two major parties in Australian politics have been left scratching their heads over what it is the people want. If the result shows anything, it’s that the people want their government to listen and stop putting the interests of big corporations before the benefit of the general population.

Urgent need for a royal commission into banking misconduct »

Financial Observer

Reducing management and advice fees would not only encourage more Australians to invest, but also help beginner investors grow their money faster. Speaking about the fintech’s decision to lower its client fees, Stockspot founder and chief executive Chris Brycki said fairer price structures, whereby clients could share the benefits of the provider’s success, would help attract more investors.

Lower fees help remove advice hurdles »


Robo-adviser Stockspot is calling on ASIC to apply the same rules to both face-to-face and automated advice, saying it has come across several "rogue" providers in the industry. In a submission to ASIC's consultation paper on regulating robo-advice, Stockspot chief executive Chris Brycki said it is important that several of the existing guidelines for human advisers also apply to digital providers.

Stockspot warns ASIC of ‘rogue’ robo-advisers »

We’ve all heard of the phrase playing the stock market, but unless you’re a broker you’re better off to leave it to those who know best. According to Founder and CEO of Stockspot Chris Brycki many frustrated savers trying to crack into the property market look to index funds as a way of growing their wealth.

How to invest when you don’t have enough for a house deposit »

9 News

Would you trust a robot with your money? That's the latest way to invest without paying high fees to a financial planner. It's called Robo-Advice and experts say it's the way of the future.

Robot investors - 9 News Perth »

Money Management

In its latest Australian ETF report, Stockspot has found that the fasted growing exchange traded fund (ETF) market was the fixed income and cash sector which overtook Australian shares strategies.

Fixed income and cash the winners in ETFs »

Marketing Magazine

A new breed of investment service provider is tapping into a younger client base often neglected by more traditional financial services companies focused on the lucrative baby boomer market. Stockspot’s chief marketing officer, Larry Lee, says financial services companies are lagging behind other industries when it comes to servicing the under-50s.

How savvy financial firms are repositioning for the under-50 market »

Australian Financial Review

A dearth of ideas and entrepreneurs, rather than capital, is the main barrier to innovation in Australia. Chris Brycki​, chief executive of online investment adviser Stockspot​, said high salaries and the low number of job losses in the financial services sector after the global financial crisis meant that few people were prepared to leave their employers and take the risk of starting a business.

Fintech sector held back by fear factor, not a lack of capital »

Australian Financial Review

SMSF members are increasingly turning to robo advice to help them select the right assets for their fund. Chris Brycki, founder and chief executive of one of the first Australian robo advisers, Stockspot, says the next generation of robo advice will allow for even greater personalisation, while still being convenient and cost-effective.

Robo advice might not suit every SMSF but has its place »

Sydney Morning Herald

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) unveiled a draft regulatory guide for a growing number of companies providing robo advice based on algorithms and technology. The leading robo adviser in the Australian market is Stockspot, founded in 2013 by former UBS portfolio manager Chris Brycki.

ASIC eyes robo advice regulation »

Financial Observer

Stockspot has launched the world’s first automated service that allows investors to calibrate and personalise their portfolios. The service has developed complex algorithms that analyse client investment goals and risk tolerance to determine how much of the portfolio can be allocated to their chosen investment themes.

HNWs targeted with personalised robo offering »

GQ Australia

The stock market is a bit like the ocean – to outsiders, it’s mysterious, unpredictable and hella deep, but it can be navigated. If you’re looking for a helping hand, a good place to start is Stockspot, as they’ll diversify your investment in a fund that matches your desired outcome.

A Guide For First Time Stock Market Investors »

Daily Telegraph

The market share held by digital financial sector insurgents is modest but growing rapidly, with fintech start-up firms dramatically reshaping a financial industry that has long been beset by complacency and high costs.

Robot races: Can big banks hold off the fintech start-ups? »

Sydney Morning Herald

Small investor activity in exchange traded funds (ETFs) indicates they are committing one of investing's cardinal sins, with Stockspot CEO Chris Brycki urging small investors not to make rash decisions based on past performance.

Small investors in ETFs are chasing past returns »


9 News

The impact of high super fees for the average 30 year old and the importance of hunting around for the best deal.

High superannuation fees breaking the bank »

Sydney Morning Herald

How Stockspot is using technology to help clients like Julian build their wealth.

Would you take financial advice from a robot? »

Choice Magazine

Australia's leading consumer advocacy group CHOICE looks at the findings from the 2015 Stockspot Fat Cat Funds Report and how fees are taking the fitness out of fund performance.

Fees take the fitness out of performance »

The Huffington Post

Australians are being apathetic when it comes to their superannuation, even though we’re forking out $30 billion in fees each year according to the 2015 Stockspot Fat Cat Funds Report.

The Fat Cat Report Of Poorly Performing Super Funds »

ABC News Radio

Stockspot CEO Chris Brycki speaks with ABC NewsRadio's Cathy Bell on the findings of the 2015 Fat Cat Funds Report and how Australians could be losing up to a quarter of their retirement savings in fees.

Superannuation Fat Cats eating into your returns »

The Age

Stockspot's annual Fat Cat Funds Report has found that the average 30 year old can expect to lose one quarter of his or her retirement savings in fees if he or she has the misfortune to be invested in a high-fee super fund.

Funds are fattening up on superannuation fees »

Sydney Morning Herald

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) chairman believes robo-advice services like Stockspot can help slash investment costs and eliminate conflicts of interest.

ASIC's Greg Medcraft says 'robo advice' can reduce fees and conflicts »

7 News

Financial technology companies like Stockspot are taking on the big banks to give consumers a better deal, from EFTPOS to your superannuation.

7 News - 25th October 2015 »

Australian Financial Review

Robo-advice is becoming mainstream in Australia, with Stockspot working with people who have as little as $2000 to invest.

Robo-advice's push into financial planning »

Financial Observer

The recent boom in fintech innovation has the potential to attract both good and bad operators coming into the market, and there is a need for the industry and media to scrutinise new robo-advice and automated investment services to protect consumers.

Stockspot issues robo rogue alert »

The Huffington Post

Fintech is beginning to disrupt the financial world as we know it, with Australia more focused than ever on technological innovation.

Why Fintech is the most important industry right now »

Deal Street Asia

Stockspot CEO, Chris Brycki, speaks with DealStreetAsia on financial technology and automated investing during the 2015 World Capital Markets Symposium in Malaysia.

Stockspot looks to Asia for growth »

Australian Financial Review

Ten of Australia's most promising fintech companies including Stockspot will be flown to London next month by the British government, which is trying to lure start-ups to the UK as the global war for innovation talent heats up.

London wants to pinch best Aussie fintech start-ups »

The public’s plummeting trust for the big banks is paving the way for Australia's top financial technology businesses to redesign financial services.

The companies set to take billions off the banks »

ABC News

Our CEO, Chris Brycki, speaks with ABC's Andrew Robertson on whether property is still a good investment in the current environment.

The Finance Quarter - August 2015 »

Financial Observer

Innovation in the wealth management sector should resemble simplified products and processes in order to satisfy the client of the future.

Simple innovation the future of products »

Sydney Morning Herald

While DIY investors can see the advantages of ETFs, it can be difficult to see how to construct a portfolio from them. A new type of service like Stockspot helps recommend a portfolio of ETFs to match the investor's profile.

Robo knows how to spot a good ETF »


Stockspot, a robo-adviser seeking to disrupt wealth managers by offering a low-cost, automated financial advice process, has completed a capital raising and welcomed onto its register the Berlin-based start-up investor Rocket Internet, and H2 Ventures.

Robo-adviser Stockspot raises capital from H2, Rocket Internet »


Stockspot, Australia’s first automated investment adviser and fund manager, today announces that it has raised an additional $1.25 million as it continues to expand its business.

Stockspot secures new funding to further accelerate growth »


Saving outside superannuation has never sounded so easy, but Sydney-based Stockspot was first to offer model ETF portfolios direct to consumers in this market a year ago.

Online portfolios the next frontier for ETFs »


​People with less than $500,000 to invest find it difficult to find a financial planner, so there’s a big opportunity for start-ups like Stockspot to automate parts of the advice supply chain and make it affordable for middle-class Australians.

Robots replace financial planners: automatic opportunities for start-ups »


​Australian investment advice start-up Stockspot is now offering its services free for the first 12 months to smaller balance clients.​

Stockspot slashes fees to zero »


Following the release of the ­landmark financial system inquiry report in early December, a new breed of players in Australia like Stockspot will be encouraged by government and regulators to help enhance competition.

Fintech heats up competition with the youngest and fittest »



Stockspot named in the world’s best 50 fintech innovators, which has been prepared in conjunction with the FSC and KPMG. It ranks global ­disruptors based on quantitative and qualitative filers.

Australian fintechs make list »

Sydney Morning Herald

Drenched as we are in sleek advertising and investment tips from media and myriad money managers, it is not too often that we see frank and fearless research about our savings and super. We depart from all that gumph today to bring you some useful stuff about the superannuation gravy train, information that might save you a lot of money. It hails from the inaugural Fat Cat Funds Report...

Fat Cats rake in super-sized fees »

Sydney Morning Herald

Financial advice has a 58 per cent chance of being replaced by artificial intelligence, according to Oxford University. Artificially intelligent ‘‘robo-advisers’’ seem to offer a good alternative to dodgy humans by taking away the burden of thinking about what to invest in. #roboadvice

Is this the future face of financial advice »


A growing numbers of financial technology start-ups are targeting the big banks where they are weak: customer experience.

Tech start-up targets financial advisers »

Innovation Bay

An expert panel comprised of Westpac’s Head of Digital Strategy Angelo Demasi, MOGO+ CEO Andrew Clouston, Chris Brycki, Founder and CEO from, and Society One CEO Matt Symons, discuss banking disruption.

Innovation Bay's Banking Disruption Breakfast »


Financial advice can be a complex beast for even the most seasoned wolf of wall street, and one Aussie startup, described as Australia's first cloud based investment adviser, is here to help.

Stockspot is spot on with cloud-based financial advice »


Stockspot makes the Top 25 Hottest Fintech Startups from around the globe.

Infomilo Top 25 Hottest Fintech Startups »

Sydney Morning Herald

When it comes to investing you're often your own worst enemy. Research shows people have a tendency to act irrationally when investing, behaviour that can lead to disastrous results. And it's critical to understand the causes of these biases if you want to avoid being burned.

Hot hands and arrogance could cost you dear »


Stockspot has today announced the launch of a new online widget which allows investors to compare Australia’s booming $12.4 billion exchange-traded fund (ETF) market.

Stockspot launches free pinwheel widget to compare ETFs »


Unlike many advisers that are incentivised to sell their company’s investment products, Stockspot does not earn money from product providers, believing it is a big conflict of interest.

Stockspot seeks to shake up Australia's Wealth Management Industry »

Australian Financial Review

Boring ETFs typically contain lower risk, lower fees and are more likely to generate stronger returns over the long term.

Unusual ETFs give investors options »

Professional Planner

While platform fees are decreasing slightly due to competitive pressure and regulatory changes, they are still unjustifiably high.

Financial planners interest in platform alternatives like Stockspot continues to grow »

Business Insider

Stockspot takes out second place at Sydstart.

Stockspot Runner Up at Sydstart »

Your superannuation statement is due in the mail imminently but if you’re like most people, chances are you barely give it a second thought. That decision could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars on retirement.

Five easy tips to save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars »

Sydney Morning Herald

Forget paying thousands of dollars in fees and trailing commissions, online financial adviser Stockspot wants to disrupt the cosy world of wealth management.

Online financial advice going for a song »


In this webisode, we chat with Chris Brycki, founder of about democratising investing as well as the innovation in financial tech that is disrupting the big banks' dominance.

Disrupting the bank oligopoly in Australia »


In a fast-changing world, human ineptitude could soon take a back seat.

Technology to disrupt banking »


Most fund managers under perform after fees are taken into account. Investors should pay careful attention to just how ‘active’ the fund is and after-tax returns.

Don’t pay extra for beta »


Why Australian investors need access to low fee, diversified portfolios.

Stockspot pitch at Inotribe »


Why tech disruptors are ready to undermine banks.

Australian Financial Review »


Financial services disruption and what it means for financial advice in Australia.

Technology behind business »


Stockspot founder Chris Brycki talks super and savings at the start of the financial year.

Super and savings with Chris Brycki on 2UE »


Fees charged by your super fund are the most important consideration.

Double digit returns for super in 2014 »


Stockspot has been selected as Asia’s most innovative new financial technology start-­up.

Stockspot advances to startup Grand Final in Boston »


Sydney-based financial technology startup Stockspot is hoping to become the second Australian company in two years to be named a finalist at the SWIFT Innotribe Startup Challenge.

Stockspot selected to represent Australia in Singapore »


Asia’s first paperless investment adviser and fund manager Stockspot today announced that it has been selected to represent Australia at the SWIFT Innotribe Startup Challenge in Singapore.

Stockspot selected as top fin-tech innovator »


Online investment adviser and fund manager Stockspot today announced that it has secured AU$250,000 of seed funding from AWI Ventures to support its growth strategy.

Stockspot raises $250,000 to disrupt funds management »

Financial Observer

Online exchange-traded fund (ETF) portfolio manager Stockspot has launched its ETF model portfolios. Stockspot is currently open to those who registered for an early invitation. 

Stockspot ETF portfolios go live »

Money Management

Financial advice will become commoditised and moved online as a result of the demand for low-cost investment and advice provided by technology-driven service providers. 

Advice to be commoditised and moved online »

Money Management

The current financial advice model is 20 years out of date, with the recently announced amendments to the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) legislation representing a step backwards for consumers of financial advice, according to Chris Brycki, founder of Stockspot,  an online exchange traded funds portfolio manager.

Out-of date financial services model moving backwards »


Sydney Morning Herald

Almost half the investment returns made by Australian savers over the past five years has gone on management fees.

Management fees take 45% of our savings »

Sydney Morning Herald

'Brycki is a prospective rival to be sure, a parvenu on the discount funds scene keen to make the impact of an ''Aussie'' John Symonds.'

Tackling the critics over financial service fees »

Financial Observer

Stockspot is launching five ETF model portfolios in early 2014. The direct ownership structure will improve flexibility for investors and reduce costs.

Stockspot finalises ETF model portfolios »

Financial Observer

Stockspot has launched exchange-traded fund (ETF) performance tables and a proprietary ETF rating system in response to the difficulties advisers and investors have in directly comparing ASX-listed ETFs.

Stockspot unveils ETF comparator »

Money Management

A former UBS portfolio manager has criticised active funds management fees as akin to paying for a meal in a restaurant and then having to pay extra for making a reservation, using the services of a waiter or paying for a third party review in the local newspaper. 

Fund fees double dipping from investor returns »

Financial Observer

New online entrant Stockspot is preparing to release model portfolios based on exchange-traded funds (ETF) for retail investors and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) in the coming months. Stockspot founder Chris Brycki said the growth and accessibility of ETFs had opened up an opportunity for the business to step into the sector and provide Australians with a better way to invest. 

New ETF portfolio manager enters market »

Eagle Waves Radio

Chris highlights some of the issues facing Australian investors and Self Managed Super, explains asset allocation and portfolio construction, looks into the performance of active managed funds and discusses the focus of Stockspot. 

Eagle Waves Radio interview »