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Stockspot Savings

Perfect for short-term goals like the next holiday, school fees, or big expenses coming up.

Activate Stockspot Savings
*Interest rate is variable and subject to change.
Activate Stockspot Savings
*Interest rate is variable and subject to change.

Great for your short-term goals

Enjoy the benefits of a high interest cash ETF that helps you meet your short-term financial goals, without the volatility of regular shares.


Stockspot Savings

Short-term goals

3 months to 3 years

(School fees, holiday, big purchases coming up)

Activate Stockspot Savings

Stockspot Portfolio

Medium to long-term goals

3 to 7 years plus

(Build wealth, retirement, buy a house)

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Much more than your usual savings account

Start with just $2,000. Stockspot Savings is not your usual savings account and has lots of benefits to offer.

Attractive monthly income

Generate attractive income paid monthly at a rate competitive with average bank deposits and term deposits

No hassles or fine print
You don't need to make regular deposits or make purchases with a linked bank card every month to get the full interest rate. Start earning with just $2,000.

No lock-in period, free withdrawals
You can make as many deposits or withdrawals as you like. Withdrawals take 3-4 business days to process, just like your investment portfolio.

No maximum account limits
Start with $2,000 with no limits on the account balance to earn the full rate of interest.

Zero management fees
Stockspot doesn't charge any additional account keeping or transaction fees. The interest rate you see is what you get to keep.

Your money is safe
Stockspot will only recommend cash ETFs that deposit cash with major banks regulated in Australia by APRA (the bank regulator) so your money is safe.

How it works



Activate Stockspot Savings inside your dashboard
We'll send you an email to let you know when it's active.



Set your deposit destination to Stockspot Savings
Once you change your destination, any deposits you make from your external bank account will be invested into your Stockspot Savings.

Frequently asked questions

How do I transfer money across from my Stockspot Portfolio?

Use the ‘Transfer Money > Move Money’ section of your dashboard.

Do I still need my cash account?

Yes. Your cash account is the cash hub for your overall Stockspot account. Any time you deposit funds, it goes into your cash account first then you can choose to invest into your Stockspot Portfolio or Stockspot Savings.

Are there any fees charged by Stockspot on Stockspot Savings?

No. There are no account keeping or transaction fees charged by Stockspot when using your Stockspot Savings.

Is there a minimum investment?

The minimum initial investment is $2,000. The minimum top-up amount is $500 for account balances under $50,000 and $2,000 for account balances over $50,000.

How do I withdraw money from my Stockspot Savings?

You can withdraw money from your Stockspot Savings at any time by lodging a request in the ‘Transfer Money > Withdraw Money’ section of your dashboard. It usually takes 3-4 business days to withdraw from Stockspot Savings to your linked external bank account and you're not charged any fees for withdrawals.

When is interest paid?

Monthly, around the fifteenth of each month (or next weekday) and visible in your dashboard on the next business day. Note that cash ETFs work a little differently to when you deposit money in the bank. Cash ETFs increase in value each day by a small amount to reflect the extra interest you’ve earned each day, so you will see fluctuations in your savings value.

What about tax?

We combine any interest you earn in your Stockspot Savings account with your Stockspot Portfolio annual tax statement each year. Generally the income you earn in Stockspot Savings will be interest income.