Stockspot's Partner Program gives you access to Australia's most sophisticated digital investment advice software, education and support. Stockspot will help you look after your clients and grow your business.

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Designed to simplify your life

Our Partner Program is designed to save you time and give your clients the best possible investment experience.


Personalised investment advice

No need to refer to a financial planner for your clients' investments. Stockspot provides personal advice to clients of all sizes.

Automated tax reporting

Access full performance reports to make tax reporting more efficient. Stockspot also integrates with Class Super for SMSFs.


No conflicts of interest

You can be confident that all benefits go directly to your clients. Stockspot does not earn fees from the products we recommend.

Proven track record

Since our launch in 2014, the Stockspot investment strategies have built a strong performance track record and generated consistent returns for clients by having the right mix of assets.



  Topaz Emerald  Turquoise Sapphire Amethyst
Financial year 2017 Topaz: 10.26 % Emerald: 8.07 % Turquoise: 6.61% Sapphire: 5.87 % Amethyst: 5.05 %
Financial year 2016 Topaz: 1.36 % Emerald: 2.45 % Turquoise: 2.88% Sapphire: 2.74 % Amethyst: 2.79 %
Financial year 2015 Topaz: 8.75 % Emerald: 7.42 % Turquoise: 7.30% Sapphire: 7.51 % Amethyst: 7.72 %
Annualised return since inception Topaz: 8.14 % Emerald: 6.94 % Turquoise: 6.50 % Sapphire: 6.23 % Amethyst: 5.88 %
Distribution yield (year to date) Topaz: 3.24 % Emerald: 3.24 % Turquoise: 2.98 % Sapphire: 2.76 % Amethyst: 2.41 %

The Stockspot Model Portfolios have been published since July 2013 and open for investment since May 2014. Total return data includes ETF fees and management fees based on the Silver fee tier up to 1 September 2017. Actual performance of your portfolio may vary from our published returns due to the timing of investments and rebalancing. Please refer to our Advice disclaimer, FSG and Benefits and risks.

Earn benefits to share with your clients

As a Stockspot partner, you'll gain access to Australia's most sophisticated robo-advice software, education and support. We'll help you look after your clients and grow your business

As more of your clients invest with us, you'll progress to a higher tier level and enjoy even more benefits.

Stockspot partner tiers
Jack from Edstart

"We've partnered with Stockspot to offer an investment option for parents saving up for their kids' education. For us it was important that any partnership was not conflicted with commissions so our clients can be confident that they're getting the best advice."
- Jack from Edstart

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