We offer the opportunity to invest in a wide range of assets both in Australia and overseas. Our portfolios are designed to weather all market conditions by combining different assets in the best possible combination to improve your return potential without undue risk. The funds we recommend charge very low fees so more of your returns stay with you.

We aim to generate long term returns for clients through diversification, automatic rebalancing and lower fees. We work hard to maximise performance and minimise risk in your portfolio.

We offer the following 5 investment strategies:

Topaz Aggressive growth
Emerald Growth
Turquoise Balanced
Sapphire Moderately conservative
Amethyst Conservative

Consistent returns

Our portfolios have built a strong performance track record and generated consistent returns for clients by having the right mix of assets including bonds and global shares.



  Topaz Emerald  Turquoise Sapphire Amethyst
Financial year 2017 Topaz: 10.26 % Emerald: 8.07 % Turquoise: 6.61% Sapphire: 5.87 % Amethyst: 5.05 %
Financial year 2016 Topaz: 1.36 % Emerald: 2.45 % Turquoise: 2.88% Sapphire: 2.74 % Amethyst: 2.79 %
Financial year 2015 Topaz: 8.75 % Emerald: 7.42 % Turquoise: 7.30% Sapphire: 7.51 % Amethyst: 7.72 %
Annualised return since inception Topaz: 8.13 % Emerald: 7.10 % Turquoise: 6.72 % Sapphire: 6.65 % Amethyst: 6.55 %
Distribution yield (year to date) Topaz: 3.44 % Emerald: 3.37 % Turquoise: 3.15 % Sapphire: 2.75 % Amethyst: 2.43 %

The Stockspot Model Portfolios have been published since July 2013 and open for investment since May 2014. Total return data includes ETF fees and management fees based on the Silver fee tier up to 8 November 2017. Actual performance of your portfolio may vary from our published returns due to the timing of investments and rebalancing. Refer to our Advice disclaimer, FSG and Benefits and risks for more information.

Smarter portfolios

Our Model Portfolios are currently invested across 5 broad asset classes, giving you access to investments from around the world across many companies, countries and industries.

Australian shares The top 300 listed companies on the ASX including Telstra and BHP.
Global shares Some of the worlds largest companies like GE, Toyota, IBM & Apple.
Emerging markets Companies from fast growing economies like China, India and Brazil.
Bonds Government bonds provide reliable fixed interest returns.
Gold To protect your portfolio against inflation and volatility.

Each of the asset classes has its own risk profile, so diversifying across these investments helps smooth out the short-term ups and down in the market, reducing your risk. Stockspot provides you with a blend of these 5 asset classes which best corresponds to your goals and personal financial situation. We automatically rebalance your investments so that they stay consistent with your goals and risk capacity.

Our team constantly reviews the investment choices to ensure you have access to the best possible return and diversification opportunities. We look for low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that we believe are the best available based on our strict criteria and research.

Personalise your portfolio

Clients in the Gold and Platinum tiers can personalise their portfolio with a range of investment themes you care about. Interested in socially responsible shares or want more dividends in your portfolio? You can add them.

Stockspot Themes gives you more control over your choice of investments but without the hassle of juggling them on your own

Growth themes

Australian shares Australian dividend shares
Australian large companies
Australian small companies
Australian socially responsible shares
Global shares US shares
Global (non-US) shares
European shares
Japanese shares
Chinese shares
Asian large companies
Property Australian property
Global property

Defensive themes

Bonds and cash High interest cash
International bonds


For more information, see Stockspot Themes

Building on Nobel Prize winning research

Mean-Variance Optimisation
We allocate your portfolio across assets using Mean-Variance Optimisation, the foundation of Modern Portfolio Theory. The economists who developed this received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990 and it is the most widely accepted framework for managing diversified investment portfolios today.
Investment experts
Our expert team constantly research the investment universe to ensure you have access to the best opportunity for returns while controlling for risk. You can have peace of mind that your investments are being looked after.
Automatic rebalancing
Since investments grow at different rates, your actual investment allocation will drift from your target blend over time. When this happens, Stockspot rebalances your portfolio so that your investments are back in line with your target asset mix. We also rebalance when you make a deposit or receive distributions to minimise your exposure to capital gains and reduce your risk.


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