For one all-inclusive monthly fee you can grow your wealth with ease.

Benefit from our strong track record, without the fees of a traditional wealth manager.

Benefits of investing with Stockspot

Stockspot investment adviser
Speak with our investment advisers whenever you need help
Stockspot investment adviser
Your investments are held safely in your own name
Stockspot investment adviser
Online access anytime via our dashboard and app
Stockspot investment adviser
Tax time made easy we do all the tax calculations to save you time
Stockspot investment adviser
Proven investment strategy for growth and income
Stockspot investment adviser
No other fees like brokerage, transaction charges, or withdrawal fees

Frequently asked questions

How much do I need to invest?

Our minimum to start is just $2,000.

Will I be charged establishment fees, exit fees, or brokerage?

No. We don’t charge exit fees, establishment fees, or brokerage. There are no hidden costs.

How do ETF management fees work?

ETF management fees are an indirect cost not charged by Stockspot.

They are charged by companies who run the investment funds. Instead of billing you directly, they take the fee straight from the fund’s performance. It’s a cost incurred by anyone who invests in these funds – whether it’s us, another advisor, or you.

How often do I need to add to my portfolio?

Additional top-ups are always up to you – you can add money as often as you like. There are no limits or restrictions on how often you can top-up.

How do your fees compare to the industry average?

Stockspot's advisory fee is less than a quarter of the industry average. You can save thousands over the course of your lifetime by paying a fraction of what traditional advisors charge.

How do fees work for multiple accounts?

If you have multiple accounts, your fee tier is determined by your combined investment balance across all accounts, including any non-fee paying accounts. This helps many Stockspot clients enjoy lower fees based on their total investment balance.

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