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Find out how to pick the best super fund for you

Superannuation is the single most important savings pot you will have in your lifetime.

Getting your hard earned money into a good super fund is one of the biggest financial decisions you ever make.

Yet many of the funds responsible for managing our super make comparing options difficult. They make it hard to know how much you pay in fees AND they hide how much risk they take with your money.

It only takes 2 minutes to check the 2 important parts of your superannuation and it could save you over $200,000.

The Fat Cat Funds Report shows you how, by giving you:

  • The best and worst performing super funds in each category

  • Tips on how to pick a great super fund

  • A guide to getting the most from your super

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The usual suspects

For the sixth year in a row, ANZ / OnePath have topped our list with the worst Fat Cat Funds. We show which of their superannuation funds have performed poorly.

Rather than reduce their high fees or shut the funds down entirely, ANZ recently sold this business to IOOF. If your super is in one of these ANZ / OnePath Funds we urge you to compare your super options.

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High super fees harm you

High super fees harm you

Many young Aussies paying 1.5% per year or more in super fees could pay over $226,261 in excess fees in their lifetime.

Whilst you can't control the performance of your superannuation, you can control how much you pay to have your super managed.

Find out what impact high fees could have on your super balance.

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The right investments

Find out how to work out the right mix of different investments for your age, and why you should be wary of super funds that have large investments in property and infrastructure as part of their defensive mix.

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The right investments

How we identify Fat Cat Super Funds

We started the Fat Cat Fund rating to help you compare super funds and avoid the worst ones.

We compare the largest Australian superannuation funds based on how they performed over 5 years. We found the best super funds (and the worst) to help you choose a great fund.

Fit Cat Funds
Fit Cat Funds

The best 10 funds in each category.

Fit Cat Funds
Fat Cat Funds

The bottom 10 funds in each category.

The Fat Cat ratings are based exclusively on data relating to a fund’s published investments and returns.

We make choosing the best super fund easy

Fair comparison

Stockspot doesn’t get paid by the funds we rate so we can show you the best super funds and the worst.


Learn how to pick a great fund

Discover the 2 factors that matter most when you pick a super fund with our simple checklist.

See how you compare

See how you compare to others your age. Check how your super fund shapes up to the best.

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