2022 Stockspot ETF Report

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Stockspot has been creating and managing ETF portfolios for clients since 2014. We use ETFs because they're an easy, low-cost way to achieve a diversified portfolio.

ETFs are rising in popularity, and our timely 2022 ETF Report compares over 200+ ASX listed ETFs and analyses the behaviour of Australian ETF investors.

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Discover the best ETFs in Australia and all the latest trends

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Stockspot ETF Report 2022

ETFs Australia: Key trends in 2022

The Stockspot ETF Report 2022 showcases the best performing ETFs. We also discuss:

  • Why 2021 was another strong year of growth for ETFs
  • How much money Australians made in ETFs
  • How ETFs are continuing to grow faster than LICs and managed funds
  • Which ETF providers kept the most amount of returns for themselves the most share of gross returns
  • How picking short-term winning ETFs is hard
  • How trendy ETFs are costing investors more than $100 million

How to choose the best ETFs

Once you know the best short term performing ETFs, you should invest as soon as possible…right?


Buying only the best performing ETFs isn't a sound investment strategy. As this report shows, last year's winners often become this year's losers.

For investing success, you need diverse assets that counterbalance each other. A well-constructed portfolio of ETFs that consists of growth and defensive ETFs will help you ride the ups and downs of the market.

Stockspot is Australia's first and largest online investment adviser. Our speciality is ETFs.

We build you a custom investment portfolio of carefully selected ETFs. You get a range of different investments - with very low fees. And, unlike some other platforms, you directly own your ETFs, and we're completely independent from the ETFs we recommend.

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How to choose the best ETFs

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