Grow your wealth effortlessly

Welcome to the proven way to build wealth by doing less.

Successful investing needn't be difficult and time-consuming. Quite the opposite, actually.

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Grow your wealth effortlessly

Simply better investing

Stockspot is Australia's first and largest online investment adviser. We build you a smart, personalised portfolio using proven investment strategies to grow your wealth.

We use ETFs (exchange traded funds) that give you access to a range of different investments. Think global shares, Australian shares, and government bonds.

All you need to bring is the patience to watch your portfolio grow.

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Simply better investing
Licensed Australian financial adviser

We are completely independent from the ETFs we recommend.

Established track record of returns

Our portfolios have delivered more consistent returns than Australian shares.

Expert guidance when you need it

Our investment advisers are on hand to help as much or as little as you need.

Simple, all-in-one solution

It's the easy, hassle-free way to build your wealth. No paperwork, no stress.

Global portfolios with lower fees

Stockspot portfolios are designed to invest for both growth and income.

Our investment strategy is based on proven Nobel Prize winning research.

Every dollar that you save on fees is an extra dollar added to your returns.

We regularly review your assets and the market to keep your portfolio balanced.

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Boring becomes brilliant

Smart investing is a lot like staying healthy. Self-described experts will try to sell you a million pills and potions but the evidence shows all you really need is a healthy diet and exercise.

The same goes for investing.

A diversified, low-fee portfolio and the patience to stick with it is the boring but brilliant secret to success.

Stockspot's smart algorithms match your investing goals to a personalised portfolio.

Our technology helps to automate repetitive tasks like rebalancing and reinvesting dividends to keep your portfolio healthy and your costs low.

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Stockspot Emerald Portfolio Boring becomes brilliant

Human insight backed by smart technology

Founder Chris Brycki started Stockspot to help Australians invest better and achieve financial freedom. As a professional fund manager he saw too many people getting ripped off by bad investment advice and high fees. Chris left his career to build Australia's first personalised online investing platform.

Today, Stockspot has a team of qualified professionals who help guide thousands of clients to build wealth with a proven investment strategy.

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Human insight backed by smart technology
Meet our financial advisers
Meet our financial advisers

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